Digital Printing - Affordable and Good Quality Printing

Like other industries, the printing industry has also undergone several changes during the past couple of years. While earlier offset printing was the most preferred option, now most customers opt for digital printing. The advantages that digital printing offers over offset printing explain the reasons behind such a shift. Such advantages can include short turnaround time, accuracy, lower costs and customizable options. If you are interested in knowing about the advantages of digital print in details, read on.

You can Acquire Digital Print Quickly

In most cases, offset printing takes time because it involves a complex setup process. This in turn, slows down the rate of production. Digital printing, on the other hand, is completely computerized. There is no need to set up the press. This saves time and as a result, you can avail digital prints quickly. If you are running out of time, some companies can provide you with digital prints even within some minutes.

Digital Prints are perfect

Offset printing usually involves a process of isolating ink and water. The process itself is messy and often produces results that are inaccurate. Moreover, there can be different variations of the same print, which can interfere with your plans and force you to order reprints again. Digital prints, on the other hand, uses more sophisticated software that prints the same product, even if you want thousand reprints. This in turn, saves money as well as time.

They are Cost Effective

As compared to offset printing, digital printing is more cost effective. This is because of the fact that digital printing takes less time and manpower, so businesses can provide their clients with cheaper rates. Offset printing is cost effective, only if you order at least thousand prints.

They are completely customizable

Digital prints are completely personalized. You can order as many customized reprints as you want and unlike offset printing, you don’t have to slow down the process. With digital printing, it is easier to produce prints that come in different images, text or graphics. If you want to impress your customer by writing his/her name on the brochure or card, opting for digital prints can be a good idea.

Proofing is Easier

Before placing the final order, it is always a good idea to check how the final prints will look. While both offset and digital print will provide you with a ‘sample’, the advantage of digital print is that it offers samples within few minutes. Offset printing, on the other hand, takes more time.

Choose digital printing and enjoy these advantages.